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Dear Stamps Scholars Community,

First and foremost, please know that our thoughts and support are with you and your loved ones as we navigate these uncertain times. Our health and safety is most important and it is our hope that you remain steadfast in that commitment as we adjust to various ‘new normals.’

We also would like to take the opportunity to provide you with a few SSNC updates. In light of the current circumstances, the Stamps Scholars Program and Executive Planning Team have officially postponed the convention until the spring of 2022. The Executive Planning Team will use the fall semester to adjust the convention planning process accordingly. We understand that this change of date may affect many existing plans; however, we believe that the health and safety of the community is of the highest priority. The choice to postpone the convention will also facilitate a more intimate and dynamic exchange of ideas in 2022 that would not be possible in a virtual setting.

With this change in date also comes a change in community – we recognize that some of our scholars that have been involved in planning the convention will graduate by Spring 2022. While this is regrettable, we appreciate the work that they have contributed during these past two semesters and wish them well in their future endeavors. An additional note of acknowledgement will be sent to each school who was anticipated to lead a portion of SSNC21 as we look ahead to planning for SSNC22.

Please be encouraged to continue to place a tentative hold on the evening of Friday, April 16th and Saturday, April 17th of 2021,our original SSNC21 execution dates.  The Stamps Scholars Program will consider holding some regional programs and/or programs local to specific campuses during this weekend. We will send out a follow up note to hear from you with any new and innovative programming ideas. We are excited to begin planning a convention for 2022, and we’re sure that in spite of these setbacks our next convention will continue to strive for excellence with the efforts and support of our Stamps Scholars community.

In solidarity,

The SSNC21 Executive Team 

Renita Smith-Moore
Assistant Director & Stamps Scholars National Convention Coordinator